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By natural law, every human is endowed with certain innate and inviolable rights regardless

of whether those rights are observed by statutory law.

Since our founding in 2012, we have empowered hundreds of victims of human rights viola-tions and granted more than 30 scholarships to survivors .


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5.5 billion people (77% of the world's population) live in countries that impose religious sanctions.

135 million girls and women have been subjected to female genital mutilation.

60 million refugees (41% of whom are children) have been forcibly displaced due to religious, ethnic or political persecution.

45.8 million people are enslaved worldwide.

14 million slaves are living in physical bondage.

2.4 million people are victims of human trafficking.

800,000 victims of human trafficking (half of whom are children) are trafficked across borders.

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Safe Port Initiative provides services and advocacy to victims and survivors of human trafficking and other human rights violations including acts of persecution based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, political ideology or religious affiliation.

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If you agree that those who are not part of the solution are part of the problem, then join us and become a meaningful part of a sustainable solution.


When addressing global issues, global cooperation is essential. To believe that one nation can solve the world's problems is the first step to imperialism.