Safe Port Initiative

Since 2012, our organization has conducted more than 60 successful rescue operations, freeing over 100 men, women and children from sex and labor trafficking and providing them with a safe place in which to begin the long journey to recovery.

As Safe Port Initiative expands our mission globally and strives to address the needs of victims of all human rights violations, the task of providing refuge to survivors becomes increasingly complex, especially in regions where oppression is overlooked or perpetrated by law enforcement.  In response, we have partnered with providers of "virtual office" space around the world to establish sanctuary sites where those who seek refuge are greeted, cared for and protected while an assessment is conducted and, if needed, rescue protocols are implemented. 

In some cases, the solution may be as simple as referring the individual to a local NGO. In other cases,  embassies and other entities or individuals may be asked to intercede. In all cases, Safe Port Initiative will stand by the those in need to ensure their safety, coordinate a solution and oversee the delivery of all recovery and advocacy services at our disposal.

The road to healing for survivors of human rights violations is a long one. While it is filled with many exciting breakthroughs, it is also riddled with potholes and detours.

The desire to isolate oneself after a traumatic event can be one of the biggest impediments to recovery for survivors. The idea of ever trusting another human being again seems foreign, the thought of connecting with anyone impossible. To combat this heartbreaking form of self-destruction, we have implemented an ambassador program, pairing survivors with volunteers who are committed to standing by them for the duration of their recovery and beyond.

At Safe Port Initiative, we do not believe it is enough that those who have been subjected to persecution merely survive. We do everything in our power to ensure that they thrive!  To this end,  we have established three educational enrichment programs that instill the knowledge and skills survivors need for success in the workplace as well as the confidence, discipline and self-esteem they need for success in life.

The Safe Port Scholarship program provides survivors with scholarships to cover the full cost of tuition, books and fees at the community college of their choice (or the equivalent level of education in areas where community college does not exist.) The Safe Port Microenterprise Assistance Program offers training and resources to promising entrepreneurs.  And for survivors who can benefit from tutoring, vocational training, and alternate forms of academic enrichment at the primary, secondary, and adult levels, we are currently developing a comprehensive distance learning program delivered via video and audio conferencing technology.

Rescue & Refuge

Creating a World of Healing

Imagine a world in which nightmares are transformed to dreams, fear gives way to hope, and suffering  blossoms into joy.  This is the world of Safe Port Initiative. Each day, we strive to empower and restore survivors of persecution, trafficking and other human rights violations through a comprehensive suite of recovery  services, including health care, counseling , peer support, and education. By supporting our recovery program, you can help us create a world of healing for survivors everywhere

Advocacy & Aid

Report a human rights violation anonymously: 1.844.SAFE PORT
Safe Port Initiative is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.