Safe Port Initiative

Despite our differences, as humans we are all members of the same species.  We are also the only species, other than ants, to enslave and traffic our own kind.

Throughout history, humans have enslaved one another as a result of war, religious persecution, and political oppression.  However, empirical evidence shows that there has consistently been a single motivation for trafficking those slaves: economics.

For this reason, we have developed Safe Port Economic Council on Immigration, Exploitation and Slavery (SPECIES), a global think tank tasked with developing a cooperative economic model to end the trafficking of persons across international borders.

Composed of human rights advocates, leaders of NGO's, and specialists in economics, finance, academia, diplomacy, justice, and various industries, SPECIES takes a democratic, collaborative approach to information gathering, data analysis, strategic development, model building, testing, implementation, monitoring and reporting. Each member of the team is valued equally for his/her geographic knowledge, experience, and expertise, and each member is given an equal voice.

To inquire about becoming a member of SPECIES or to nominate someone you know, please e-mail a letter of introduction to, and a representative will contact you within three business days. Nominees of all nationalities, races, ethnicities, and religious and political affiliations are welcome. All members must comply with the SPI Bill of Rights.

Restoring Our Humanity

The true beauty of humankind lies in our diversity. We are indeed the most wonderfully diverse species on the planet. Yet through that diversity has emerged an ugliness so horrendous that it is shared only with certain species of insects. That ugliness is our propensity to enslave and traffic our own kind. You can help restore humanity to our species and bring an end to human trafficking in our lifetime.  Please support SPECIES today to ensure a better tomorrow for victims of human trafficking around the world.

Report a human rights violation anonymously: 1.844.SAFE PORT
Safe Port Initiative is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Safe Port Economic Council On Immigration, Exploitation and Slavery