Every day, 1 in 6 runaways in the US is sold for sex by a brutal, predatory pimp. That's more than 3,000 kids a day. These are not consenting adults who made a bad choice. They are vulnerable children under the age of 18 who have been violently forced, coerced, lured or tricked into child prostitution and pornography.

Every day, 1 in 6 runaways in the US is subjected to physical, mental and emotional abuse. They are conditioned to believe  that they have no worth apart from selling their bodies and that if they run away, they will either die on the street or spend the rest of their lives in jail. Eventually, they give up all hope of ever being free again.

Report a human rights violation anonymously: 1.844.SAFE PORT
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But YOU have the power to restore their hope!

How?  By reminding them that freedom is worth fighting for and inspiring them to reach out for help. All you need to do is create a short video, take a photo, sing a song, paint a picture, recite a poem, or write a letter describing what freedom means to you. We'll share your message on social media, on billboards, in subway terminals, at bus stops, and everywhere these innocent kids are trafficked, so they can find the courage to reach out for help.

And when they do, we'll be there to catch them, protect them, love them, and provide them with shelter, medical care, counseling, and educational assistance. Then, when they're physically, mentally, emotionally and academically ready, we'll even give them a college scholarship.

It all begins with YOU!

Congratulations, Alicia Mathewson, for submitting the winning entry to our  This Is Freedom campaign!

Freedom is an Inside Job

by Alicia Mathewson

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Safe Port Initiative is honored to accept all submissions from fellow humanitarians who would like to join us in our efforts to serve victims and survivors of human trafficking. All submissions will become the property of Safe Port Initiative. Submissions selected for distribution to the media will have credit attributed to their creator. To ensure that your submission will be considered for  distribution to the media and to qualify for a chance to win the trip to Nepal, please adhere to the following guidelines.

VIDEOS:For the original submission, please use MP4 format with 720p resolution.  If your video is selected for mass distribution to the media, we will ask you to provide the video in 1080p. Please limit length to a maximum of 60 seconds.

PHOTOGRAPHS & IMAGES OF ORIGINAL ARTWORK: For the original submission, please limit file size to less than 1MB. If your photograph or original artwork is selected for mass distribution, we will ask you to provide a higher resolution file.

SONGS:Any audio file format will be accepted for the original submission. If your song is selected for mass distribution, we will contact you to provide the song in alternate file formats, per the specifications of each media outlet.

POEMS AND LETTERS:For the original submission, please limit the recited length of your poem or letter to a maximum of 60 seconds. If the original submission represents an edited version of your poem or letter and your poem or letter is selected for mass distribution, you will be invited to submit your poem or letter in its entirety.




To be considered for mass distribution and "A Trip to the Top of the World," submissions must arrive in our inbox by 11:59pm EST on March 15, 2018.  Board members and employees of Safe Port Initiative are welcome to make submissions but are not eligible for the trip to Nepal. The trip to Nepal includes roundtrip coach airfare for two from the international airport closest to the winner(s) to Kathmandu; roundtrip airfare from Kathmandu to Lukla (Mt. Everest); lodging for five nights near Kathmandu; lodging for two nights near Lukla; and ground transportation between Nepalese airports and lodging. If desired, the winner(s) are welcome to upgrade their flight class at their own cost and will pay only the difference between coach class and the upgraded class they select.

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this is FREedom!                      

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