Safe Port Initiative

Ambassador Program. Help survivors acclimate to new surroundings and new opportunities by linking them to needed resources and facilitating recovery  services through the appropriate SPI office. In this role, you will work directly with one or more survivors in the US or abroad.

Village Keeper Network.  It takes a village to help survivors achieve true freedom and  lasting restoration. As a village keeper, you'll coordinate resources and activities within a specific region while serving as a liaison to your community. In this role, you will work with SPI ambassadors in your area, in the US or abroad.

Mentors & Tutors.  Mentors and tutors are assigned to survivors in the US and abroad who are under the age of 18 or who are participating in the SPI Scholarship program. While mentors provide general guidance and support, tutors are specialists in a particular academic subject.

Translators and Cultural Experts. Use your fluency in languages other than English and your multicultural knowledge to help us communicate effectively with our partners and clients around the world. In this role, you will translate existing resources and assist in the development of new culture=specific resources.

Curriculum  Developers.  Transform your expertise in a specific academic discipline or professional field into vital learning resources for survivors. All levels of academic and vocational course content are welcome

International Delegates.  If you are planning to travel to a destination where SPI conducts business, consider assisting in the delivery of services to local survivors or serving as a volunteer proctor in a distance learning class.

SPECIES. The Safe Port Economic Council on Immigration, Exploitation and Slavery is SPI's global think tank. As a member, you will participate in the development of a cooperative economic model that can be implemented internationally to end the trafficking of persons across geographic borders.

Boards and Advisory Committees.  While board members are responsible for ensuring that SPI's mission and vision remain on track, members of advisory committee use their expertise in relevant fields to offer recommendations to board members.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities or to suggest a volunteer  activity that is not listed here,, please e-mail us at

Report a human rights violation anonymously: 1.844.SAFE PORT
Safe Port Initiative is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Equipping Volunteers to Equip Survivors

Volunteers are the heart of any nonprofit organization, giving their love unconditionally and their time selflessly. Although our volunteers do not expect compensation, there are costs involved in training them to succeed in their roles, supplying the materials and resources they need to empower the survivors in their care, and providing continuous support and guidance as they work tirelessly to change the world . By supporting SPI's volunteer program, you can help keep the heart of our organization beating!

Whether you have a Ph.D. or are working toward your high school diploma, whether you're 17 or 70, if you have a passion for social justice, there's a place for you at Safe Port Initiative.  Explore the volunteer opportunities below, and let's work together to end human trafficking and other human rights violations around the world! 

volunteer opportunities