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Safe Port Initiative

As we develop our residential recovery campus in the foot-hills of New York's Appalachian Mountains, the medical and counseling services that are so critical to our survivors' well being will be offered in a safe, stable environment through our onsite Health Hub.  Check out the rough floor plan of the Teadora Beauty De Angelis Health Hub below!

Report a human rights violation anonymously: 1.844.SAFE PORT
Safe Port Initiative is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Safe Port Initiative’s Wellness Program has been at the core of our recovery process for survivors of human trafficking since our inception in 2012. Taking a holistic approach to healing and overall wellbeing, the Wellness Program encompasses an array of physical, emotional and mental health services including preventive and curative medical treatment, inoculations and prescriptions, dietary and nutritional guidance, palliative care, mentorship, psychological counseling, art therapy, and animal therapy.

Wellness Program & Health Hub

Equipping Survivors to Thrive

The first and most crucial step in the recovery process is to remove a victim from the threat of danger and to supply the basic needs for her or his survival -- shelter, food and emergency medical attention. Once those fundamental needs are met, Safe Port provides a personalized wellness plan that addresses each survivor's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs holistically and comprehensively to ensure that he or she achieves full restoration and not only survives, but thrives.